Sunday 17 March 2013

Made me smile!

Hi all,
I have had such a lovely couple of weeks, crazy i know, I wanted to share all the things that have made me smile!
The first was on weds 6th, a school night I'll have you know, when we ventured over to Brighton to see a cheeky chappy known as Olly Murs in concert! I went with one of my best friends Emma, her fiancé Jk and Emma's brother!
Do you know what we had such a lovely time, ollys happiness and smile is super infectious that in no time we were all boogying along! The slightly embarrassing part for me was that I proved that I know none of the real words to songs, does anyone else make up the words themselves or is it just me?!?
The lovely Olly was supported by the loveable rogues who I am informed were on Britain's got Talent, and were actually pretty darn good as well, so all in all a great time.
I have then managed to fill this weekend with seeing some of the people I love to bits!
First on Saturday I went over to the local leisure centre and watched the two girls I used to nanny do their gymnastics and then we caught up over tea and biscuits! Now these girls I looked after when they were 2 months and 3 years old, alongside their lovely mum as part of my college course! They are now.....wait for it.... Nearly 8 and 11!
I KNOW now I feel old!!!!!
The two girls have truely blossomed and are both gorgeous and I love them too bits!
I then popped over to Worthing to the pub with Hannah and a different Emma, two more of my best friends, to watch the rugby 6 nations, where it is safe to say England did abysmally! I however took the loss a lot better than some of the other clientele in the pub who took solace in their pints!
Saturday evening was spent with another best friend Emma and her fiancé making their wedding invitations up, which was soooo exciting. We were joined by the best man and maid of honour and a lovely friend, and it's safe to say we had a lovely evening with a LOT of laughing!
After the invitation making had finished we reminisced over old music including aqua, ace of base, alliyah, nelly, s club 7, can see my point. It was great to remember all the old music we used to boogy too, at school discos the majority of them.
Last but not least today I spent this afternoon with my two oldest friends, Katie and Lucy. I'm going to say this quietly we have known each other over 20 years, since we were 5 years old! These girls know me inside out and back to front and I love that we can not see each other for a month or so but completely pick up like we saw each other yesterday.
I came away from this weekend feeling truly blessed that I have so many wonderful people in my life who bring so much joy to my heart I love them all to bits!
Slushy part over I'll leave you with one final fleeting image that made me smile. Driving home from Lucy's house I was following a VW car that on closer inspection was called an "UP!" The name even had an exclamation mark in it!
It just made me smile next will be "right!" or "car!" This could keep me amused for a while.
Have you had any lovely times of recent I would love to hear about them.
Take care
Love Katy

Ps. I think the photo below is my motto in life and the reason I have no money!

Pps. So you can put a face to a name in the snowman photo is Emma and jk, and then Hannah, Emma S and me on a night out in London!
I need to find an oldy photo of Lucy and Katie!

Sunday 10 March 2013

All about the flowers 💐

Hi all,
Hope your all well.
So I have been doing my floristry course over the last month and have had 3 workshops. It has been so much fun and a great experience to learn how to put flowers together properly.
I love flowers mainly because they always manage to brighten my mood as well as making any recipient feel special and loved.
The florist that the workshops are held out is in Chichester in a quaint little shop, and hands down has the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. Not only are the flowers stunning, but each session you get to choose which colours and variety of flower you want.
I have learnt some valuable tips during my three workshops, I'll even share them with you.

*florists generally work in odd numbers and often use triangles in their bouquets and arrangements to space the flowers apart.
*mainly one main flower is used eg. Roses, Lily's! It's usually a larger flower and then accompanied by two other varieties.
* mixing the textures of the flowers adds variety to the bouquet, so a large rose mixed with a spiky lavender and then a bushy flower.
*colour mixing. Pink and white, pink and purple, yellow and green, white and green,
white and yellow, purple and white, bright pink and lime green.
So far I have made 2 hand tied bouquets, a front facing oasis arrangement and a small table arrangement.
I'll post the pictures below and let you know how the next couple of workshops go, one things for sure is I will miss it when it ends.
If your lucky maybe I'll make you flowers one day, if your nice to me hehe.
Lots of love

Friday 1 March 2013

Notable absence....sorry!

I firstly need to apologise for my lack of posts during the month of February! Basically it's because the day of love falls in this month and I am a sulky singleton! No really it's just been an overwhelmingly busy time! Work has been crazy, life has been crazy plus I chose this month to both get fit and get ill; I definitely think it proves exercise is bad and so to blame!
February has also been the start of lent! For Those who don't know me too well I am a believer in Christianity and so decided to give up not one but two items of importance!
The first and it pains me to say it was chocolate....and oh painful it has been. I never really realised quite how much I would miss it but have found myself sniffing friends packets ( I checked its not cheating) and drooling over pictures in magazines! I can't even bear to get within 10 feet of the choc aisle in any supermarket and talk of said item brings tears to my eyes. It's safe to say I am missing it! The second I gave up was crisps, and these I also miss but not on the same level as choc!
I've just realised all I have talked about is food, see how much I'm missing it!
On this health kick I have been a frequent friend of the gym and started a hardcore legs bums and tums class... It's so hard made even worse as the pregnant instructor breezes through it as I procrastinate my way through the session!
Unfortunately I have yet to make it to a yoga class that isn't either fully booked or isn't either in the middle of the day (some of us have jobs to do) or at some ungodly hour! Leave that one with me, i'll try and keep you informed.
Oh and I started my floristry course, and love it! What's not to love I get to choose, make and keep pretty flowers every other week, I will do a whole post on that at some point this weekend.... Promise!
Anyway on that note I'm off, hope alls well
Love Katy xxx

Below is a present from a lovely friend at work for V day! Considering the start of this post I think it fits quite well.
Plus it's chocolate!
Roll on 30th march!!!!!

Sunday 27 January 2013

All time low!

Unfortunately due to an untimely illness making me feel as though I am about 90 years old. I actually fell asleep on my lunch break and in the hairdressers, not only that but I haven't seen past 8:30pm all week!
All time LOW!
Anyway because of this I haven't been able to one eat much (breaks my heart) 😩 and two do anything on the list!
But I'm hoping I'm on the up now, and have today, managed to enquire about a floristry course! I'm also hoping to attend yoga on Friday and have a couple of fun weekends planned one of which is in Bournemouth!
So too the illness, you need to do one please I don't have time to be ill and to all you lovely people, stay tuned!
Love Katy xxx

Saturday 26 January 2013

Too many smarties!

So it would appear my friends and family know me so well! For christmas I received 5 tubes of pink smarties!
Firstly they know my love for anything pink and secondly my sweet tooth!
I am however a little stuck on what to do with them all, thoughts I have had already are to make a giant pink cake decorated with said smarties! Filling up mason jars would look pretty I'm sure of it!
But having 5 extra large tubes will not be used up quickly and easily!
So this is where you all come in have your got any tips, ideas that I can steal from you to get said confectionary out of my reach!
Please HELP!
Hope your all well
Love Katy xxx

Also the photo below is the huge bag of chocolates still left from christmas, any assistance would be appreciated!

Saturday 19 January 2013


So this week my aim was to tackle some of the bucket list!
My first task was to try and book yoga! I thought this was going to be an easy mission, I was incorrect!
It would seem that if I resided in a city like London I would have a huge variety of classes at my disposable, unfortunately living on the south coast meant that most of the classes were in the daytime ..........HELLO I Work!!!
It would also appear that their are probably about 20 different types of yoga!(this was meant to be any easy mission)
So finally after reading up and researching a lot and roping my lovely friend Emma in! The only local class we could find is on a Friday night, not the best night but that is all they could offer us!
We were meant to go to our first class last night but because of the snow we didn't make it, so next Friday I'll let you know how we get on!
What is suitable attire?
Do you know any yoga moves?
Any tips would be great I'm a completely rookie!
Love Katy xxx